Past, present and future: the evolution of building automation

In order to make a better sense of tomorrow, it’s often wise to look into our past. In this blog entry, I wanted to take to a trip down the memory lane of building automation: see what were the biggest hurdles we needed to overcome, and how we’ve finally achieved that at Produal.


Soldering on through the nineties


When I first started to work on building automation in 1996, the products and systems we worked with were a lot different from today. During the first few years, the technology we used was fully analogue and had only a few basic functions. It wasn’t all that precise and we had to solder resistors, wires, and capacitors to make customer configurations. Truth be told, we were very good at making special solutions for customers. But in retrospect, the end result was nowhere near as accurate as today’s technology.

The systems were initially all stand-alone, with no connection to the outside world. We had a communication port to gather temperature and a set point-information from the room unit to the control unit. Modbus was the next big step for us and it really fitted our products: a well-known and used protocol in building automation, not to mention cheap to implement.

Later on, when we took the step from analogue to digital technology with processors, the systems we created also became more and more complex – eventually leading to where we are now. Modern products of today can do so many things and be configured in a multitude of ways. But the abundance of choices and options can also lead to a burden of complexity. Something new was needed to make these complex methods of configuration a simple task, a joy. And you know what? I think we have come up with exactly what’s needed.


A future clear of complexities


With the launch of Produal Proxima® system, we have truly focused on creating system solutions that serve everyone. You no longer need to be an engineering wiz or the master of daunting tools with cryptic displays to be able to make your own configurations.

With the free downloadable Produal MyTool® smartphone application (available for Android OS at the moment), you can configure a new Produal Proxima® Control unit in a flash with a configuration wizard, or with full control in manual mode. The application will provide you with fast and easy commissioning and test of installed systems. You can easily keep track of all your configurations, buildings, rooms, and devices. Produal MyTool® also gives you a smooth cloud connection to Produal MyCloud, where you can effortlessly store and manage your own projects.

By cloud connection, Produal Proxima® control systems can also deliver important information about the building’s health and energy consumption. In the advent of the IoT boom, this is a signpost of the future: an increasing number of sensors will be installed with new measurements to provide us with healthy, green, and smart buildings. This is only the beginning of a new, exciting future for building automation!


Welcome to the next level


Stay tuned for more news about the Produal PUMP® platform releases. More cool and innovative solutions are coming – I hope you are as excited as I am with our new and upcoming releases!




Tomas Rosén
Product manager / Product specialist